2016年12月12日 星期一

Dying Gladiator - Musee du Louvre Reality Capture

Dying Gladiator _ Musee du Louvre ~ Pierre Julien ~ French ~ 1731-1804
Photogrammetry from 46 photos

垂死的格鬥士 以46張照片進行的3D掃描,並以3DS MAX及VRay重新彩現

Studio Lighting VRay Render

A mortally wounded gladiator, facing death with grace and dignity, is contemplating the laurel crown he was awarded for his courage. This was Pierre Julien’s second admission piece for the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture and a crucial work for him.


Julien’s nude gladiator demonstrates his complete mastery of anatomy, and also drapery at the rear of the statue. But it was the sculptor’s personal contribution which imbues the work with its sensitivity: the elegant proportions, unctuous modelling and delicate execution (the finesse of the hands, laurel leaves and strands of hair), the marble’s perfect finish and the rendering of textures (the polish of the shield and sword suggest their metallic brilliance).

他重新詮釋了羅馬 卡比托里尼博物館 (Capitoline Museum ) 的同名作品,並重新安排了腳的姿勢。


Julien was exalting the heroism of a man overcoming his pain and stoically dying in silence. The balanced composition, dignified pose, discreet chest wound and restrained expression are formal echoes of this heroic serenity.



以ZBrush和Instant Meshes重新拓墣

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2016年11月28日 星期一

Sleeping Hermaphroditos / Hermaphrodite Endormi

Reality Capture from 61 photos

3D掃描於羅浮宮 Sully wing 沉睡的Hermaphrodite(雌雄同體)
使用Sony α7 rII,一共拍攝61張照片3D重建;並以VRay Render。

2016年11月26日 星期六

Marine Centaur Carrying Silenus - Louvre Photogrammetry

 Reality Capture from 85 photos



Four Captives - Louvre Reality Capture

Reality Capture from 96 photos

3D捕捉於羅浮宮 黎塞留(Richelieu)翼 中庭 俘虜銅雕(Captifs)

作者:Martin Desjardins
使用Sony α7 rII,一共拍攝96張照片3D捕捉而成。

The Captives surrounded the pedestal of the statue of Louis XIV on foot in the Place des Victoires. They are by Martin Desjardins, the gallicized name of an eminent Dutch sculptor active during the reign of Louis XIV.

The captives, four larger-than-life bronze figures, symbolize the four nations defeated at the time of the Treaty of Nijmegen. Each represents one of the ages of man and a different attitude to captivity. Spain is a smooth-faced young man with streaming hair. His naked, upright body and heavenward gaze all indicate hope. The Holy Roman Empire is a bearded old man dressed in an ancient tunic. His head is bowed and his body sags in dejected resignation. Holland is young man with virile features and a short beard. His naked body poised to leap, his shoulder thrust forward in a defiant gesture and his wild expression speak of rebellion. Brandenburg is a mature man dressed like an ancient barbarian.


2016年1月19日 星期二

3D Modelled from pictures

玫瑰馬卡龍 Rose Macarons Reality Capture
Photogrammetry from 303 photos
Macaron-Rose Model
焦糖海鹽馬卡龍 VRay Render
Sea salt caramel Macaron 3d
Sea salt caramel Macaron 3d
3D Studio Lighting
Macaron_Rose Studio Lighting

Studio Lighting Render VRayMacaron Studio VRay
Ambient OcclusionMacaron Studio AO

Imperial Pineapple StereoScan,Studio Lighting、Vray Render


帝王鳳梨的3D Render,有一百四十萬個多邊型
Imperial Pineapple Reality Capture
Learn Chunk usage,Finally, I don’t need to use fishing lines, and now I can get the complete model, and better resolution.
Imperial Pineapple Dense Cloud
Imperial Pineapple Wireframe
ZRemesher is really amazing!!
Imperial Pineapple ZBrush2
Japanese animation 「Devilman」 figure, Photogrammetry from 594 photos,
Devilman Silene 妖鳥死麗濡
Sirene View1
She is not an angel, she is an assassin from the Devil, huge wings grow out from her head,one foot is raptor claws, stepping on the head of a demon.
Photogrammetry from 594 photos.
Studio lighting
Sirene View2 TextureWire
Sirene View3
Sirene ZRemesher

青銅鍍金雄鹿座鐘 Gold plated Brass Sculpture Bucks ClockGold Bucks Render

Clay Render

3D Scan 掃描

Gold Bucks ZBrush